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About Us

Who are we?

Ceppa Artesanías is a 100% Mexican company that is responsible for promoting Mexican art through the decorative and utilitarian crafts of the different indigenous artisans of Mexico with the main value of fair trade.

What do we do ?

Create functional and decorative design artcrafts using different handmade and natural materials.

Where do we want to go?

To be leaders in the purchase and sale of decorative and utilitarian artcrafts  so Mexican and International public be able to obtain the maximum appreciation and taste of the art produced in the best traditional Mexican workshops.

Our proposal.

Artcraft + Design + Quality + Price = Ceppa Artesanías.

Our values.

• Quality
• Fair Trade.
• Trust.
• Results.

Customer / artisan benefits.


  • Acquisition of unique pieces and the best quality.

  • Discover new crafts, techniques and workshops of origin.

  • Support the generation of trade in indigenous communities.




  • Fair Trade.

  • Recognition and dissemination in new markets.

  • Generation of commerce in the communities.

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